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Most vaccination serums are created by using fragments of dead micro-organisms to trigger an immune system response to the invading organism.

The H1N1 nasal mist however is a “live vaccine” (contains the live H1N1 micro-organism).

**If you plan on taking the H1N1 vaccine  please note that women who are pregnant or patients with specific conditions — like asthma or immuno suppression  should not use the nasal form of vaccine due to  added risks posed by the live-virus vaccine.**

As those of you who have been reading my articles may have noted I have been quite suspect about this entire H1N1 (swine flu virus) scare for quite some time.  The release of this “live vaccine”  simply adds more fuel to that fire.  We know that the H1N1 virus has, as predicted, began to spread again.  We also know that pregnant women and the elderly were supposed to be the first to receive the “inject able” vaccine because they are among the “high risk“ groups.   Don’t you find it suspicious that the first shipments of the vaccine are not to be used by the “high risk” groups?

For whom are the intranasal vaccines deemed “safe” for use?  Children!  Now I’d like you to think about this for a moment.  Stated on the insert that comes with the vaccine the product has the potential for transmission to others.  So if a child gets the Flumist in school they are contagious to the other children for at least two weeks.  Is this going to help to contain the virus or help to spread it?  Are you going to let some doctor give your child the live virus?  More importantly are you going to permit your child come in contact with another child who received the intranasal vaccine?

Ladies and Gentlemen the bottom line is that this vaccine, in either form, has been fast tracked with very few studies.  The studies done, however, have been completed without the added thimerosal (mercury) and squalene. The vaccines for the general public, when they are ready, will be formulated with squalene (a possible cause of Gulf War Syndrome) and thimerosal, a known neurotoxin. Very few vaccines without these additives will be available.

Also, 90 percent of the seasonal flu vaccines contain thimerosal.

I’m not trying to frighten anyone here I am simply offering information that might be of interest and or of benefit to my readers.  Much of the information I have seen indicates that the virus has not began to mutate and that the mortality rate is relatively low (especially if you are not in a high risk group).  The question you must ask yourselves is: do the benefits outweigh the risks involved with inoculation?  Don’t take my word for anything here however I strongly advise that you do your due diligence before you make your decision.

Again, in closing, I will state my position that the best offense is a strong defense.  Do all that you can to boost your immune system now and allow your body do what it has been designed to do.

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